Easy 3D Objects

Easy 3D Objects 2.3

Easy 3D Objects is intended for creation of 3D animations and illustrations

Easy 3D Objects will help you create tridimensional animations and illustrations. Its user interface is very similar to those of other 3D modeling applications. In general, creating 3D animations is not an easy task, no matter what software you use. You will need to have a good spatial perception and know how to work with timelines. In this respect, you can create different camera views.
Several basic objects are available from the menu. When you create them, you can specify accurate properties for the objects, like position, size, color and material. The objects can be moved or rotated just by dragging them with the mouse. Additionally, you can use a path to control the object’s movement.
To use animations, there is a time slider that will move to represent different time. You can make the necessary change to the objects for each time frame. In addition, there is a GIF animation tool that works by adding different images to compose a sequence.
The results can be exported in several ways, but mainly as static or animated images. Static images can be saved as BMP, PNG, TIFF and TGA while animations can be exported as GIF. In general, the illustrations and animations created may be used for educational and development purposes and can be easily published to the World Wide Web.

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  • It creates light GIF animations


  • It does not support exporting as video
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